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Hear It Sound & Studio.

Audio production done right.




Recording, mixing, and mastering services for Rock, Prog, Metal, and more.
Hear the difference.

Like what you hear?  Send me a message, and we'll talk about making your music sound this good too.


My name is Dave Moore, and I am a musician, producer, engineer, and the owner of Hear It Sound & Studio.  I have been working in audio since 2006 and have had a wide variety of experiences, from doing live sound design for several theater productions, to doing guerilla recordings in garages and found spaces, to producing audio and theme music for podcasts. I have a talented ear for melody and arrangement, and a knack for bringing out the core ideas in compositions. I have always done my best to showcase every artist so that the music and audio are true to their vision. 


My efforts helped one local artist win a national competition and a recording deal with a large label.  I want to help with your success story too, so reach out to me today so we can make this happen!

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Let's Talk.

If you're ready to book a session, or just want to know more about the the process of recording a song, fill out the contact form below and let's get rolling. 

Thanks for submitting! I'll be in touch soon.

15 years of real-world studio and sound design experience adds up.

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